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Miracle That Never Came
Suikoden Tierkreis | Sieg, Jale, Liu, Marica | G | ~400 words

Jale comes in uninvited.

Of course he does. Sieg is actually kind of surprised that he doesn't come in earlier. What does surprise him is that he has Marica and Liu with him. For a few seconds they just stand around his room, not saying anything, not making eye contact.

Marica is the first to break the uneasy stillness. She walks over to Sieg and kneels behind him and wraps both arms around his shoulders. Liu and Jale come over then too, and Jale sits in front of him while Liu sits to his side.

Jale's foot rests against his. The press of Liu's thighs is almost too warm. The four of them have sat like this a thousand times before and Dirk would walk in-

He chokes on a sob, and Marica's arms around him tighten. Liu's head comes down on his shoulder, warm and heavy. All Jale does is move a little closer, but his eyes are dark and unhappy.

And he knows they've lost a lot- that this is nothing compared to what the group from Janam, but as horrifying as that is, it wasn't personal. Dirk was his brother- their brother.

Marica presses her lips to the his temple and Sieg can't help but lean into it. Jale's hand comes to rest on his ankle and Sieg wraps an arm around Liu's shoulders, pulling him in closer.

He makes the decision then, to keep fighting. Not just for Dirk, but for the three of them. They might not make it through this, but he was going to try. Even if he didn't, he's going to try his best to make sure that they did. If there was only some way to keep them safe-

"Don't," Jale says, "We're in this together. "

"He's right," Liu agrees. His voice is soft. It sounds as if he's been crying too. "For Dirk. We'll finish this for Dirk."

"Right," Marica says, "For Dirk, and Cougar and the people of Janam, and everyone else he's ever hurt."

They're right. Of course they are. Sieg nods. "Tomorrow. We'll figure everything out tomorrow."

"Yeah," Marica adds, "For now, bed."

Sieg thinks that they're leaving now, and he bites his tongue to keep from asking them to say. Jale just pushes him in the bed though, and climbs in after him. It's a tight fit, getting all four of them in his small bed and their limbs tangle together like vines and he can't tell which belongs to who.

Sieg closes his eyes and breathes.


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