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years since it's been here
sora's mom, sora/kairi/riku, 600 words, pg
for the kitchen disaster square on my schmoop bingo card

The loud crash from downstairs has her up and on her feet before she's even thought about it. And all she can think is 'oh god, not again'. That something terrible is happening and even though according to a lot of people (including a mouse king) her son is a hero, but she's gone two years without him. Two years without knowing if he was even alive still and she's not doing that again. She can't do it again. If someone is here to hurt her son, they have to go through her.

Once she's downstairs though, she can hear the muffled laughter (Kairi) and an exasperated sigh (Riku).

"Geez Sora," Riku whispers, "How did you manage to survive sixteen years?"

"Us, of course," Kairi whispers back, "He's hopeless without us, I've told you."

Sora has a reply to that of course, but she isn't listening. Kairi was joking, but she still can't help but feel there's truth to that as well. Ever since they came home, the three of them have looked after each other fiercely and refused to be separated for long from each other. She's honestly thought about giving Riku and Kairi keys.

"Look at you, you're a mess," Riku mutters, his voice fond, "Why were you cooking anyway?"

Cooking? That makes her peek into the kitchen and her eyes widen. It's a mess- flour is spilled across every flat surface and Sora, broken eggshells are on the floor, along with a few other things she can't readily identify.

Sora shrugs and smiles timidly. "Mom's birthday. I mean, I know she was worried about me when I was gone. I just wanted to do something nice for her."

Her birthday. She had forgotten about it. Without Sora, she hadn't had much reason to celebrate.

Their expressions soften, even as Riku says, "You sap."

"We'll help you clean," Kairi say. She reaches out to touch Sora's flour covered cheek. "And then we'll help you make something. She likes pancakes, right?"

"You don't have to," Sora immediately protests, proving that she did manage to raise him with some manners.

"You were looking for us, right?" Riku says. He looks so old all the time now. Her heart aches for the loss of the boy that spent hours in her house, pretending that he and Sora were pirates. "We owe her an apology too."

She wants to tell him no, he doesn't. He kept Sora safe, they don't owe her anything but Sora's always been better at words than her. "I love you," he says simply.

Riku flushes even as Kairi repeats the words. They're said easily, as if they've been said countless times before, with a conviction that makes her pause. They love each other. Of course they do. Sora has traveled world from world to bring them back home, bring them back to him. She knows Sora and knows he would have done it for anyone he called a friend.

"Me too," Riku replies softly. He means it just the same as they do.

Riku and Kairi are different for him. She's always known that, but she's finally beginning to understand why. And maybe that's all right.

She takes another look around her kitchen - and it really is a mess, looks like a hurricane hit it - and starts making her way back upstairs.

As she leaves, she can hear Riku laugh. "Hurricane Sora strikes again."

"Hey!" Sora whines and they shush him at once, but they're both laughing.

She smiles. He's home and back to making messes and remembering her birthday. Everything will be fine.


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