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and the living is easy
mercedes/quinn, 835 words, pg
for the kiss-first square on my schmoop_bingo

Even though she moves back in with her mother three weeks after Regionals, Quinn spends most of her time at the Jones'.

They don't seem to mind- Mrs. Jones greets her with a smile and a hug and Mr. Jones always has a new dish he wants her to try out. Mercedes' house is welcoming and home-y in ways that Quinn's beginning to understand her house never really was. Even with all of that though, it's not the reason Quinn keeps coming back.

She makes her way upstairs to Mercedes' room and jumps on the bed next to her, laughing at the annoyed look Mercedes gives her. "Hey you," she greets.

"Hey," Mercedes says, a smile forming on her face. Quinn can't help but feel pleased; Mercedes seems incapable of staying aggravated with her for long. "You know, I'm beginning to think that you never moved out."

"Shut up," Quinn tells her but she's still smiling. She rests her head on Mercedes shoulder and Mercedes smells like that perfume Kurt picked out for her yesterday. Quinn likes it, the smell is subtle but sweet, and buries her face in Mercedes' neck a little.

She doesn't miss the way Mercedes shivers. "Cold?" she asks, wanting to give Mercedes an out. Quinn hopes that she doesn't take it.

"No," Mercedes whispers and wraps her arm around Quinn's waist.


They spend a lot of time on Mercedes' deck, laying on beach towels. Today Quinn's mother is there, talking to the Jones in the kitchen. They've been striking up a tentative friendship, once they realized that their children were still talking to each other. Quinn isn't really thinking about their parents right now.

Mostly she's thinking about how pretty Mercedes looks in yellow. She looks beautiful. "You look very summery," Quinn tells her.

Mercedes turns her head to look at her. "I think I shouldn't let you hang out with Kurt anymore," she says.

Quinn can't help but laugh. "I like Kurt. He's bitchy and awesome."

Mercedes smile turns soft and fond, the way it always does when she talks about Kurt. She might not have a crush on him anymore but it's obvious that she loves her best friend. Quinn wonders if anyone looks like that when they talk about her.

"He is," Mercedes agrees. After that, they're silent for a few minutes, enjoying the way the sun warms their skin, ignoring bugs.

Quinn breaks the calm first. "Still summery, though."


The glee club hangs out a lot during the summer.

Puck makes a lot of noise about hanging out with losers, but he offers his house for movie nights. Even Santana shows up, despite complaining as much as Puck does. (Later, Tina tells her and Mercedes that she and Artie have been hanging out with Santana and Brittany a lot. This summer, Quinn thinks, and laughs.)

So they spend Sunday nights at Puck's house, spread across couches and chairs and the floor. Mercedes sits between her and Kurt, warm and inviting. It's easy to just rest her head on Mercedes shoulder and apparently easy for Mercedes to take her hand.

This summer, she thinks, and smiles.


It's raining when Mercedes kisses her.

Not that they're out in it; Mercedes' mom had told them to stay inside for the day. Mercedes had rolled her eyes but smiled as she led Quinn to her room and opened the windows.

"Your floor is going to get wet," Quinn points out and then blushes, because duh. She doesn't know what's wrong with her today- she feels nervous but expectant.

"That's why there's nothing under my window," Mercedes says with a grin. She grabs Quinn's hand and they lay on Mercedes' bed, their feet dangling. Quinn lets her sway in the air.

She can't sit with anyone else like this, no one she can sit in silence with. It's not until right now though, that she realizes that there's no one else she wants to do this with. And she thinks it's the same for Mercedes, and well. Quinn's had a baby, she figures she's all ready done the big and scary thing of her life. "Hey."

"Hey," Mercedes replies, and even though Quinn's not looking at her, she can hear the smile in Mercedes' voice.

"I kind of. I mean, I-" Maybe it was scarier than she thought.

Mercedes turns around on her side and without thinking about it, Quinn does the same. Mercedes looks at her for a few seconds, and Quinn's feeling nervous again, about to ask her what she's looking at, but Mercedes leans forward and presses her mouth to Quinn's.

Quinn kisses her back. It's clear that this is Mercedes' first kiss and the idea Quinn's her first makes Quinn grab the front of Mercedes' shirt, her fingers tangling in the fabric. It's easy enough to tilt her head to make the angle better, to take control of the kiss to slow her down.

They had more than enough time. Summer wasn't over yet.


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