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a leap begins
suikoden tierkreis, asad/chrodechild, 840 words, pg
for the drunken confessions of love on my schmoop bingo card. i'm not sure if i like it, but i got tired of looking at it.

By the time Chrodechild gets to the tavern, Asad's skin is flushed and his smile is wide, his teeth brilliantly white.

She's glad that it's empty, with the exception of the bartender, because Chrodechild can smell the ale off him from a few feet away. She's a little wary- her father, the few times he had too much was a maudlin drunk. Her mother, on the other hand, was a loud one. It doesn't stop her from sitting down next to him at the counter, and the movement grabs his attention and he turns to look at her.

“You look beautiful, your Majesty,” Asad says. He surprises her; she would have thought his voice would louder, his words slurred. If it wasn't for the physical signs and the fact that he's never called her that before, she wouldn't have known.

“And you have had too much to drink, Asad,” she replies, laughing a little.

It doesn't deter him. Of course it doesn't. “You do though.”

“Thank you. And might I ask what possessed the commander of my Royal Mage Forces to get inebriated? It's not like you, Asad.”

“I know. I'm sorry,” he says. He only looks a little contrite, like a child that got caught drawing on the walls- feeling bad for getting caught, not the act itself.

Chrodechild laughs. “I am not reprimanding you. I was just curious.”

He shrugs then. “Something to do.”

“Not busy enough, then.”

Asad smiles at her again, but it's tinier this time. “It's been peaceful,” he says. “It's good. We deserve it.”

That she can't argue with. The war had been long and hard, and she knew that Asad and the others from Janam were still hurting from the loss of their home, their families. They did deserve it, especially Asad.

“Let us drink then,” she says, and orders two more mugs of ale.

They toast- to Sieg and friends, to the dead- before drinking. Pharamond's ale has always been her favorite, but Asad makes a little face after drinking it. “Too bitter?”

He makes another face, this time at her, and she can't help but laugh quietly. She takes another sip and one glass for her becomes many.

She doesn't even want to think about how many Asad has had. He's swaying on his stool and she reaches out a hand to steady him. “Please don't injure yourself,” she says. She makes a sound after that is definitely not a giggle. The Queen of Astrasia does not giggle.

Asad does though and the sound makes her smile. It's been a long time since she's heard him laugh.

“You're here,” he says simply. As if- as if

“Asad,” she says. Her voice comes out quieter than she wants it to.

“I came down here,” he begins, “Because I was wondering if I should tell you that I love you. Well, I've obviously told you now, so it's a moot point.”

“Asad,” she says again.

He sits up straighter, even though she knows his head still isn't clear. Hers isn't at all, and his confession is like a haze in her mind. “You don't have to say anything. I don't expect anything. I just wanted you to know.”

Asad leans forward and presses a hand to her cheek. Chrodechild closes her eyes and Asad's mouth is warm when it meets her. He kisses her chastely but lingering, as if he's afraid he won't get to do this again.

He backs away and gives her a smile that falters its edges. Asad gets off the stool and staggers on his feet and leaves.

Chrodechild grabs the handle of her mug tighter. He loves her. It was something she's known intellectually, but she hadn't thought he would tell her. That he would still be in love with her, after everything.

The bartender clears his throat. “Your Majesty, it's none of my business-”

Chrodechild gives him a look and hopes it's intimidating. By the tolerant smile, it probably wasn't. Chrodechild sighs. “Go on.”

“Do you love him?”

“I- it's complicated.” It is, she thinks, and decidedly does not think about Asad's smile. Or of how she kissed him back. Of how she wants to do it again.

How much she wants to kiss him. Not always, not even when they were officially a part of Sieg's company, but lately- lately she has been feeling affectionate towards him. Fond.

Oh, her sister would tease her so much if she was here.

“Fix it then. Tomorrow. Go home, sober up, and then think about it. He's not going anywhere.”

No he wasn't. “Yes. Good idea,” she says.

The bartender moves on to the next person calling from him. Chrodechild stares at her drink for a moment before swallowing the rest of it quickly.

If Asad could tell her, then she wants be as honest. Fix it, the bartender had said- that she could do.


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