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tengen toppa gurren lagann, yoko&simon, yoko/kittan, yoko/kamina, g, 336 words

She misses Simon's rambling messages.


She misses Simon's rambling messages.

When she had left, he had been the only person she kept in contact with; Yoko didn't want to disappear completely, but Simon she had been with from the start. Out of them all, he's the one she needed to talk to.

Not that she ever picked up. That hadn't stopped Simon though. He would tell her about the weather in Kamina city, what the others were doing, how adorable Kiyoh and Dayakka's baby is. How in love with Nia he is. That he finally asked her to marry him. That he wants Yoko there, as his best woman.

(Yoko is glad that she got to go. She just hadn't wanted that to be a goodbye to the two people she loved most.)


Kittan would look at her like she was hot shit, the best thing in the world. Something beautiful and amazing.

Yoko can't deny that she liked it. After spending seven years with children and parents, it's a nice reminder that she can still be wanted, that she wasn't just Yomako-sensei. Maybe it was shallow, but it wasn't like they had promised each other anything, kiss or no kiss.

(She doesn't think about how she would have promised him anything if he had just. If he hadn't-)


Yoko doesn't think about Kamina.

(That's a lie. She thinks about him every time she breathes. Every thought of Simon and Kittan leads back to him. She's judged every kiss to his and misses the way he would argue with her just to argue, just to see her angry. She misses the way he would believe in Simon when no one else would, she thinks about the red of his eyes

She doesn't though, think about the way he looked when he died. Her last true memory is when he kissed her and then left, triumphant, that stupid cape in the wind. She doesn't know which one is worse.

She loved him and she never got to tell him)


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