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This isn't so much personal canon as it is something else now, but that's what it started out as.

where the sea meets the land
kingdom hearts, riku/kairi (sora/kairi, blink and you miss it sora/kairi/rikui), 408 words, pg

3 personal canon facts about Riku/Kairi.

1. Sora doesn’t know about it, but Riku has already kissed Kairi.

Just the once, when Sora had been getting over a stomach virus and the two of them spent the day on the beach, feeding each other fruit and catching fish. He remembers thinking that the sunset was beautiful when Kairi drops her papou fruit (they each had their own, unwilling to share one without Sora there, even though Riku doesn’t dwell too long about why he feels uncomfortable about it) and throws her arms around his neck and kisses him right on the mouth.

Riku drops the bucket of fish right at their feet and winds his arms around Kairi’s waist, pulling her closer. He thinks they kick the bucket over but Riku doesn’t care. They just cling to each other tightly and Riku is thinking that he can do this forever when she pulls away.


Kairi shrugs. “No reason.”

They don’t ever talk about it again.

2. Kairi wouldn’t have left without Riku. She knows how it must have sounded to Sora, even after she told him she was joking, but she wouldn’t.

A part of her just wanted to know if she could. If she could turn away and not think about Riku anymore, if she could forget his quiet voice going, “I know you and Sora are- I know you two are important to each other. I just want you to know that you’re important to me too.”

It was dangerously close to some sort of confession and Kairi didn’t want to think about it. Not when she barely knew what she felt about Sora (all she really knows is that when Sora smiles her stomach twists and her skin feels way too warm) – she didn’t want to think about how she felt about Riku.

(It’s not his smile, but his eyes, that make her go weak at the knees.)

2a. It doesn’t matter. They both leave her, even if she never really leaves them.

It doesn’t matter. They all come home.

3. Riku isn’t at all surprised when Sora and Kairi start dating. That was bound to happen eventually; the two of them were perfect for each other. They meant everything to each other and he could see it in the smiles of everyone that saw them that Riku wasn’t the only one who saw it.

(Sora doesn’t know, but Riku is still kissing Kairi.

They still don’t talk about it.)

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Kissing! fjdskfhjkds, n'awwww, I want to hug them all ♥


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