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So if I'm not writing, I'm playing Tales of Vesperia. The two go together in this. Just a gen piece on Estelle, about 162 words, put here for my own sake. For [ profile] 100_women, choices.

Yuri is unlike anyone she's met at the castle. )
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200 words of Rose/Doctor, post JE. for [ profile] 100_women's #65-taste
:: )
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The reoccurring kind
xxxHolic/Doctor Who crossover | Yuuko&Rose gen | G | 330 words
[ profile] 100_women's #1- Beginnings. Set before season 4 of Doctor Who

Yuuko has met Rose Tyler more than once. )
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So, I asked [ profile] athrill for a few Cardcaptor Sakura prompts. I wrote... none of them. /o\. Instead, there's this.

Like I'll never be the same
Cardcaptor Sakura | Tomoyo gen | G | 426 words
For [ profile] 100_women's #2- ends.

Tomoyo thought that she would love Sakura forever. )
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are made of this (sweet dreams)
g, 118 words
spiderman 3- mary jane/harry/peter
for [ profile] 100_women's # 43- dreams. i like to think that it's obvious where i stole the title from.

Mary Jane dreams, sometimes. )
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i'll see your heart
g, 158 words
spiderman 3- mj, peter
spoilers for the third movie, obviously, and for [ profile] 100_women's #62- death. i can't seriously believe i wrote this shit. i can't believe i foresee me writing for this. i didn't even like this movie. set after the last scene in the movie.

She takes him to her place after. )
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sway with ease
pg, 227 words
buffy the vampire slayer- buffy/faith
for [ profile] 100_women's #49- dance. title taken from sway, the michael buble is the one i have in mind.

It's the sway of her hips that catches Buffy's attention. )
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g, 100 words
supernatural- sam/jess
for [ profile] 100_women's #58- morning.

Jess likes mornings best. )
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does it worry you to be alone?
pg, 145 words
runaways- karolina
for [ profile] 100_women's #55- friends. title stolen from the beatles's with a little help from my friends

Karolina still has nightmares. )
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the only moment we were alone
pg, 200 words
firefly- mal/kaylee
for [ profile] 100_women's #97- writer's choice (sleep). title from explosions in the sky. why i don't have either a mal or kaylee icon is beyond me.

Doc ain't taking care of you? )
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magic's in the makeup
g, 100 words
justice league (the animated series)- lois lane
for [ profile] 100_women's #30-lipstick. title stolen from the no doubt song of the same name. set during hereafter, cause i still love that episode.

She had been reapplying her makeup, when Hawkgirl told her.  )
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i have nothing left to give
g, 100 words
kingdom hearts- kairi
for [ profile] 100_women's #15- fear. set during the second game. title from sarah mclachlan's fear.

She had spent so much time being afraid.  )
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come clean
g, 100 words
buffy the vampire slayer- faith
for [ profile] 100_women's #20- clean

Once she's in the shower, she turns on the water as hot as it will go. )
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i hold with those who favor fire
pg, 100 words
kingdom hearts ii- implied kairi/sora/riku
for [ profile] 100_women's #68-fire, with apologies to robert frost.

They teach her magic first. )
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when the world ends
pg, 215 words
runaways- nico, ensemble
for [ profile] 100_women's #51- destroy

One by one, she lost them all. )
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I'll Always Want You Near
G, 700 words
Labyrinth- Jareth/Sarah
I'm actually sort of nervous about posting this one. For [ profile] 100_women's #72- winter. Title taken from Tori Amos's Winter.

I ask for so little )
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i see a light
g, 175 words
btvs- vaguely buffy/willow
for [ profile] 100_women's #59- afternoon. this did not work the way i wanted it do, but i blame the one in the morning thing and the i suck thing. title stolen from jennifer paige's sober.

anything they had was enough. )
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living is easy with eyes closed
g, 108 words
supernatural- john/mary
for [ profile] 100_women's 76- strawberries. this might be cheating though, watch me not care. title taken from the beatles's strawberry fields forever.

living is easy with eyes closed )
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with my sister standing by
g, 109 words
btvs- dawn and buffy summers
for [ profile] 100_women's #54- sisters

Dawn gets her moments sometimes, when not real hits her hard )
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I Was The One You Always Dreamed Of
PG, 211 words
Supernatural- Sam/Jess
For [ profile] 100_women's #90- Comfort. Title taken from John Mayer's Slow Dancing in A Burning Room.

Sam wakes her up in the middle of the night, shaking and crying out her name )


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