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these were posted in [ profile] wingsofcharity's lj, but i'm posting them here for my own sake. and i abuse fall out boy lyrics for titles, but meh, what can you do. none of these are very good, but i am just happy to be writing again that i really don't care.

bullet-proof loneliness (at best)
magic knight rayearth | fuu, hikaru, umi | 132 words
It's not a shock when Fuu is the first one to decide to stay in Cephiro permanently. )

like i'll never be the same
panic! at the disco | jon/spencer | 201 words
i hate writing in fandoms i've never written in before.
Spencer didn't do anything expect grunt when a solid weight landed on his back. )

not a side effect of the cocaine
buffy the vampire slayer | buffy/faith | 196 words
Faith is used to seeing weird shit. )
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sway with ease
pg, 227 words
buffy the vampire slayer- buffy/faith
for [ profile] 100_women's #49- dance. title taken from sway, the michael buble is the one i have in mind.

It's the sway of her hips that catches Buffy's attention. )
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come clean
g, 100 words
buffy the vampire slayer- faith
for [ profile] 100_women's #20- clean

Once she's in the shower, she turns on the water as hot as it will go. )
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Crazy for Feeling so Lonely
BtVS, Buffy/Faith, 443 words.
I wanted my girls to have their happy ending. 1 2
Dawn doesn't miss a thing. )
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btvs, buffy/faith, pg-13
for [ profile] britfacexx. hope you like it darling, for it's two thirty in the morningness. i don't like it much, but it refused to be anything but.

untitled )


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