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so, apparently not being home is good for writing. i thought that this might be the case. this is bandom, and has no redeeming qualities. it's just sleepy fluff.

gonna be a good night
bandom (the hush sound, fall out boy, panic at the disco) | patrick/brendon/greta | g | 400 words
If she could, Greta would spend all day like this. )
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for the 11th and 12th.

prettier and younger (but not any better off)
my chemical romance | bob/frank | g | 130 words
based off this icon.
Bob's half asleep on the couch... )

in anyone but you
justice league unlimited | lois/clark, lois/lex | g | 150 words
3 personal canon facts: lois lane )
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Anywhere With You
Doctor Who/One Tree Hill/xxxHolic/bandom(The Hush Sound)/Kingdom Hearts II/Firefly crossover | Doctor, Brooke, Watanuki, Greta, Axel, Zoe gen | G | 1,500 words
Five companions the Doctor never had.

Brooke doesn't know what it is, but she notices the man right when he walks into the store. )
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Fic that no one else but me will care about! But that's okay, I really just needed something to post today.

friendship that no one else could touch
fall out boy | pete/patrick | g | 587 words
this is just fluff. no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but it made me feel better.

Patrick had kissed his temple, and had closed his eyes. )
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these were posted in [ profile] wingsofcharity's lj, but i'm posting them here for my own sake. and i abuse fall out boy lyrics for titles, but meh, what can you do. none of these are very good, but i am just happy to be writing again that i really don't care.

bullet-proof loneliness (at best)
magic knight rayearth | fuu, hikaru, umi | 132 words
It's not a shock when Fuu is the first one to decide to stay in Cephiro permanently. )

like i'll never be the same
panic! at the disco | jon/spencer | 201 words
i hate writing in fandoms i've never written in before.
Spencer didn't do anything expect grunt when a solid weight landed on his back. )

not a side effect of the cocaine
buffy the vampire slayer | buffy/faith | 196 words
Faith is used to seeing weird shit. )


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