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I was going to write a sequel to this, but it was taking too long and this was the only part of it I really liked. Mostly because ♥Susan♥

He wasn't exactly looking for company. )
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200 words of Rose/Doctor, post JE. for [ profile] 100_women's #65-taste
:: )
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Anywhere With You
Doctor Who/One Tree Hill/xxxHolic/bandom(The Hush Sound)/Kingdom Hearts II/Firefly crossover | Doctor, Brooke, Watanuki, Greta, Axel, Zoe gen | G | 1,500 words
Five companions the Doctor never had.

Brooke doesn't know what it is, but she notices the man right when he walks into the store. )
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Place We Used To Love
Doctor Who/Firefly crossover | Rose gen (implied Rose/Jayne), Mal, Zoe | G | 300 words
Title stolen from Keane's Somewhere Only We Know. Set sometime after this, and during season 3 of Doctor Who.

Rose sees the Doctor exactly once, on some tiny moon she never remembers the name of. )
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The reoccurring kind
xxxHolic/Doctor Who crossover | Yuuko&Rose gen | G | 330 words
[ profile] 100_women's #1- Beginnings. Set before season 4 of Doctor Who

Yuuko has met Rose Tyler more than once. )
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Don't Take This Ship Down
PG-13, 750 words
Doctor Who/Firefly crossover- Rose/Jayne, Serenity crew

She wasn't the Doctor's plus one anymore, but a part of Mal's crew, but that was just as good.  )
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Mothers Be Good To Your Daughters
G, 221 words
Doctor Who- Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler
For [ profile] 100_women's #52- Mother

In which Jackie comforts her daughter. )
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Officially, this is for this, but since there's been no call for a master list, and this has been sitting on my computer for a while now- well, here you go.

Home, Or Ten Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers (The TARDIS Edition)
PG-13ish, 2,943 words
BtVS/Dr. Who crossover- Buffy, Rose, Jack, Doctor, some Buffy/Rose

In which Buffy finds a home, of sorts. )


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