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all the flowers are dead
g, 107 words
harry potter- blaise/pansy

There was no one left to see it. )
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pg, 108 words
harry potter- ginny/harry
this is one of those pairings i read and never write. um, i might take this down later, but right now, i am too tired to care.

She hated the fact that she was just waiting. )
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love you until the end
pg, 100 words
harry potter- harry/ron/hermione

The fact that all three of them survived surprised them. )
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you're strange and you're beautiful
pg, 253 words
harry potter- lily/remus

all it meant was that she wanted to figure him out )
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if the mood should hit you
pg-13ish, 128 words
harry potter- lavender/dean

Ron was always leaving her. )
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doesn't even matter
g, 190 words
harry potter- harry/luna
um. this is bad, mostly cause i have no emotional attachment to this pairing- i love the idea of it, but i have no idea as to how i would execute it, so this is rather poorly done.

There's only a few that he doesn't regret. )
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remember me as a time of day
g, 144 words
harry potter- sirius/lily

Sirius spends the summer in muggle London )
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when you float like a cannonball
g, 446 words
harry potter- tonks/kingsley
um, i haven't written hp in like eight months, i think. i apologize. i am though, totally going to win this mini-challenge the bff and i are doing.

Tonks can't say that she's surprised. )
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People Go Insane (I Can Tell You Why)
PG, 644 words
Harry Potter- Harry/Hermione/Ron, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Draco
The title comes from Audioslave's Shadow of the Sun. And at heart, this is for [ profile] getaway_machine, like the other two were. This isn't so much as good as it is finished, after a nine month period of me not knowing what the hell to do with it.

He can’t help feeling like all of them are in one big glass house though, and that all of them are stones. )
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I am becoming fond of slices of life for this pairing. Another drabble.

[ profile] dogdaysofsummer: day 02, prompt

it's not that we're scared, g, 110 words

People died every day. )
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Can we tell it's been ages since I've written for HP and longer than that since I've written Sirius/Remus?

[ profile] dogdaysofsummer: day 01, warm stone

moon stone, g, 201 words

Remus can't help but wonder if something is wrong with him. )
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and we go blindly into the night
Harry Potter, Ron/Draco, PG-13, 1,351 words.
For [ profile] cugami, whose Ron I love so much that it can only be expressed in squealing and loud 'oh my gods'. You said you wanted it, and I hope you like it. It's not quite finished- I want to work with it some more, but the idea is here.

and we go blindly into the night… )
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325 words of Harry/Ron/Hermione for [ profile] wingsofcharity, who wanted something with babies. I feel like I haven't written in the Potterverse for quite some time, so I'm sorry if this sucks.

None of them are quite sure who the father is. )
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I'll Read You A Story
HP, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Ron/Hermione, Harry/Draco. PG-13. 410 words.
For [ profile] getaway_machine because it's the sort of sequel to
What If I Told You This Was Killing Me?
, and that was hers too. I still don't feel like this has an end to it, but that's fine.

In which Harry dreams )
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Title: Five Women Pansy Will Never Love
Pairings: Pansy/Cho, Pansy/Hermione, Pansy/Luna, Pansy/Daphne Greengrass, Pansy/Ginny
Rating: Um. PG-13, light R? I'm not good with stuff like this
A/N: Written for the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (With Each Other) Challenge. All mistakes are my own, feedback is good.

Did you really cry that much around Potter? )
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So, today is [ profile] getaway_machine's birthday. I don't have to go into detail about how awesome this girl is, right? Because if you don't know her personally, I've gone on and on about her. She won't read this until Tuesday or later, but Happy Birthday baby. I hope you've had/are having a good day, and I hope you like this.

What If I Told You This Was Killing Me?
HP, Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Ron/Hermione, R

If I asked you to, would you kill me? )
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HP, Harry/Draco
For [ profile] getaway_machine, cause... yeah. She's one of the few I will write this couple for anymore.
Title taken from Breathe by Anna Nalick.

Unravel My Latest Mistake )
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Sum Of Her Parts
HP, Hannah Abbott/Susan Bones, Ernie Macmillan, Hufflepuffs in general
For [ profile] ifea_need_help because it's really all her fault.

Who is Hannah Abott? )


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