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Just For One Day
G, 203 words
Firefly- Zoe/Mal. Okay, really, it's more of Zoe and Mal, because I can't seem to write them any other way.
For [ profile] britfacexx, who asked for Zoe/Mal, 'big damn heroes', post Serenity. Um. My favorite characters are always really hard to write, so there are a lot of flaws in this. Title stolen from 'Heroes'.

“Big damn heroes,” she had said once. At the time, it had meant nothing- just words, banter that she and the Captain had always done- before. She hadn’t put much thought in it then, and certainly not afterwards.


Well, they had proven that much. Folks died, and still, months later, no one would say her husband’s name, not in front of her, anyway. Couldn’t blame them much- she didn’t say his name either. Still, the entire crew is waiting for her to crack- all of them expect Mal. If it had been anyone else, she would have accused them of being brain dead.

It was Mal though, and Mal knows her better than anyone. Mal doesn’t think she’ll crack because she won’t. She suspects that part of the reason for that is because he won’t let her.

She doesn’t say anything when he takes the seat across from her, and slides a bottle over her way. She takes it wordlessly, an eyebrow raised.

“Big damn heroes, huh?” he questions, rubbing his chin. She’s not shocked that he knew just what she had been thinking of.

“Ain’t we just, sir,” she replies, and for the first time in a long while, Zoe smiles.
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