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for the 9th and the 10th.

no end and no beginning
kingdom hearts | riku(/kairi/sora) | g | 182 words

1. Everyone who knows them thinks that Kairi started it. If she's honest, she would have thought that it would be her too. It was Riku, oddly enough, who kisses her first, and grabs on to Sora's wrist to keep him close so that when he pulls away from her, he leans forward to Sora too.

2. Still, Riku's constantly surprised by how good life is. There's still fighting- that part has never really stopped, and now Kairi is with them too, like they've never been apart. Now though, at the end of the day, he has people who will drag him to the nearest bed to collapse in a heap with, keeping him warm.

3. And yet, he's waiting for the day when they look at him and say it's over, that they don't want him anymore. They'll be sweet about it, because that's just who they are, but he dreads it. He just holds them as tightly as he can and thinks that no matter how painful that goodbye might be, all of it- all of them- is worth it.

well respected man
xxxholic | doumeki/watanuki | g | 107 words

1. Doumeki is hesitant to put a label to how he feels about Watanuki- he's genuinely annoyed by him constantly, but he's also the only person that he would do anything for. It's more than a little problematic.

2. He's beyond grateful for the fact that Watanuki both notices and is oblivious at the same time. Doumeki wouldn't be able to tell him even if he wanted to.

3. Despite whatever Watanuki thinks, he doesn't actually have any designs on Himawari. She's far too docile, too sweet- it makes him wonder what she would be like if she wasn't unlucky, but he doesn't dwell on what ifs.
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