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I had a post about how I hate everyone (but kind of mostly my family) but whatever, I am trying to dwell on things less, be a happier person. A work in progress, but I think I might get there. Instead, there's from that drabble meme, but apparently to me 100 words=500, who knew.

All I Need
Kingdom Hearts II | Sora/Kairi/Riku | G | 500 words


Sometimes, Riku just likes to watch them.

Which sounds a lot dirtier than what it actually is, but he does. Sora and Kairi fit together in ways that he's only really seen in the older couples on Destiny Islands; it's in the way they talk in smiles and hand gestures and hip nudges and wonders why they haven't done anything about it. Why they were still dancing around it, like they weren't the most important people in the world to each other.

Mostly, he thinks Sora's just a moron. He knows it's not fear because Sora has never been afraid to face anything head on, and when Kairi wants to do something, she's never let anyone or anything stop them. Riku wonders what the damn hold up is. And then he can't help but wonder what they look like when he's around too.


Kairi closes her eyes as she lays down, digging her fingers into the sand. Off in the distance, she can hear Sora and Riku "training", which mostly just consists of them trying to whack each other as hard as they can. The clash of their Keyblades echo on the beach, the only sound other than the waves and birds.

"Got you!" Sora proclaims, and she smiles at the victorious tone. Then there's the 'whoosh' of Riku's keyblade being swung and Kairi can't help but wince when she hears it meet Sora's skin.

"Ouch! Riku, that hurt!"

"Big baby," Riku mutters, but she knows Riku well enough to hear the concern in his voice. One of them drops their keyblade- Riku, those are his footsteps. "Here, let me see."

"I'm going to bruise," Sora mutters, petulant. Kairi doesn't need to see him to see him to know that he's pouting. He goes quiet, and if she focuses, all Kairi can hear is all of their breathing, slowly in time.


Sora doesn't even think about it. The sun is warm on his back and he's with his best friends in the entire world. There's nowhere else he'd rather be, so he just does what he usually does- what he thinks is right.

So he grabs the last paopu fruit, and splits it in three pieces. They're not even; he's pretty sure that he hands Kairi the biggest piece but he doesn't think that really matters. For a minute, Kairi and Riku just look at it, before they look over at him.

Sora ignores them both and bites into his piece. This one is sweeter than the others, riper. The juice drips down his chin and he licks some from the corner of his mouth.

Riku huffs out a laugh and takes a bite of his own. "You are such a messy eater."

"No manners," Kairi agrees, and breaks a piece off and pops it into her mouth.

Sora hums softly, and doesn't answer. He can't help but smile though, and hope that the legend is true. He doesn't want to be separated from them ever again.
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