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So, Suikoden Tierkreis has eaten my brain. Done for 12in2010@dw

We Go Down Together
Suikoden Tierkreis | Marica (and Sieg, Jale, and Liu | G | 440 words

It's not that Marica doesn't like the other Starbearers. She does, especially since Morrin mostly keeps Icas in line, and not flirting with every girl he meets. Mostly. Sometimes she thinks he actually can't help it. But Morrin keeps him on a short leash, and Marica's grateful for it.

She's grateful for all of them. Brave and competent in their own ways, and they're all good people. They really are.

She just... misses the days when it was just her and the boys. When things were simple, and Sieg didn't have so much responsibility on his shoulders.

So when she comes in his room, when everyone else is sleeping, Marica's not surprised to see the fact that he's still up, or that Liu and Jale are already there. She climbs into the bed, ignoring their halfhearted protests and snuggles down between Jale and Liu.

"Why am I falling out of my own bed?" Sieg grumbles, wrapping his arms around Jale's waist. Once, Jale would have blushed at the lack of the personal space, but all he does now is wrap an arm around Sieg's shoulder and reels him in closer.

Marica doesn't say anything when Liu's arm goes around her. He needs to stay on the bed too, after all. And if she puts her head on Jale's chest, he doesn't say anything either. Just comfort and convenience.

So of course Sieg ruins that illusion. "I'm glad you guys are with me."

Jale yawns, his jaw cracking. "Moron. Where else would we be?"

"Well put," Marcia adds, "Especially the moron part." Sieg makes a face at her, but otherwise doesn't say anything to that.

"Just don't expect this to happen all the time," Liu whispers. Marica smiles; he's already half asleep.

"Whatever. You all love me and my cuddles," Sieg grins. Marcia rolls her eyes, and can see Jale doing the same.

None of them deny it. Marica doesn't know about them, but she can't deny it- she loves him. She loves all three of them. "We'll make it through this," she swears.

"Maybe," Liu replies, and even though he still sounds sleepy, he sounds more serious than he did before. Older. "We're not the Order, you know."

"We won't know-" Sieg starts, but they all interrupt him.

"Until we try," the other three finish, and Marica laughs slightly. Sieg is so predictable sometimes.

He doesn't seem bothered by it. All he does is smile wryly. "We can't know. But we'll try."

Marica nods. "The best we can. If any of you die on me, I'm going to be upset."

"Ooh, scary," Jale deadpans.

Marica grins, and closes her eyes.
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