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I finished fic! Not much, but I haven't really finished anything lately, so.

first day of a new life
tales of vesperia, flynn/yuri, 982 words, pg

They go back to Aurnion, after they've saved the world. Yuri had nothing to do with it.

Halure is closer or it would be nice to go to the capital (Estelle, after all, was still a princess). He's about to offer either one of those as a suggestion when Judith yawns, stretches and says, “Aurnion?”

“Yeah!” Karol replies, pumping his fist in the air, while Estelle says, “Flynn's probably there still. I wonder if he waited.”

Judith smiles at Yuri fondly and he wonders if that had been her intention in the first place. Even though he's traveled with Estelle and Karol the longest, outside of Flynn and Repede, she knew him the best. No, maybe not know, but few people understand him the way Judith does.

He does want to see Flynn. He's kind of surprised by how much. “Let's call Ba'ul then,” Yuri says.

The others cheer while Judith gives him another one of her mysterious smiles. For all Judith understands him, he might never fully understand her.


Aurnion looks the same as it did before they left. This time though, there's a huge crowd gathered around the broken blastia, cheering. Yuri smiles at them, but his eyes are searching the crowd. No sign of Flynn. Well, he was Commandant now, maybe he was called back to the capital. It was dumb to assume he'd still be here- Flynn was busy enough before, but now that there was no blastia, his workload had probably doubled.

There's a tug on his pants and when he looks down, there's a little girl there. He kneels down and rests his hand on her head. “Emily, right?”

The girl beams, happy that he remembered. “Flynn is here!” she tells him happily, “He said that he's waiting for you, at HQ and that you're late.” She's probably repeating Flynn word for word.

“Thanks Emily,” he tells her, ruffling her hair.

Emily makes a face but smiles at him, and waves as she leaves. Yuri stands up, ignoring everyone's knowing smiles. Geez, is he really that obvious?

“I wouldn't keep the Commandant of the Imperial Knights waiting,” Judith says. Hers is by far the worst.

“Yeah,” Raven agrees, and his little kissy face is almost just as bad. He needs to find new friends and fast.

Estelle is the saving grace, as usual. She gives him an honest smile. “Flynn will be glad to know you're safe, Yuri. You should go see him.”

“Yeah, probably,” Yuri says, “Let me go check in.”

He waves and makes his way towards the headquarters, opening the door quietly. Flynn is standing up, taking off his gauntlets. The only sign that he shows to indicate that he knows Yuri is there is the slight straightening of his back. Well, if he wasn't going to say anything-

Yuri leans against the door, watching and waiting as Flynn strips off his uniform. He hangs and folds neatly as he goes, and Yuri can't help but grin. Some things never change, and it's comforting. So much had.

“You think loudly,” Flynn says. Even though he's still not looking at Yuri, he can hear the smile in Flynn's voice. Happy to see him, then. Good. He'd hate to have visited and then just fight with Flynn. He was so tired of fighting with him.

“I could say the same about you,” Yuri grins. Flynn turns around at that, and the relief that's plain to read on his face is a little staggering. “Flynn.” He's not sure what to say after that and that was new.

“The others?”

“Fine. We all made it out all right,” Yuri assures him.

Flynn breathes out in relief and Yuri takes the few strides forward. Flynn grabs him by the arms tightly, and even though Yuri knows exactly what he's doing, he only rolls his eyes and lets him do it.

Still- “We cleaned out our stock of gels, slept on the way here. We're fine. All healed up.” He smirks, now, “Had to look presentable, you know. Can't be a bloody mess when you meet up with the Commandant of the Imperial Knights.”

Flynn gives him a look at that. “Yuri. I've known you longer than anyone, I've seen you at your worst.”

The way he says it implies that he's not talking just about the physical. Fair enough- Flynn had watched him kill a man, knew that he had killed another one before that. There was a question for another day, as well- why had Flynn let him kill Cumore?

“Yeah, well,“ Yuri says instead, and grins, “Same here.”

Flynn lets go of his arms but surprises him by wrapping his arms around Yuri's shoulders. It doesn't stop Yuri from hugging him back, even though he'd deny it. But Flynn knew him best, after all. He didn't have to worry about it becoming public knowledge, that he was kind of a softie, and tells Flynn as much.

Flynn laughs slightly. “Yuri,” he says, his voice muffled by Yuri's neck, “I hate to tell you this, but I think all of them know already. Same with everyone in the lower quarter. You've never been good at hiding it.”

Yuri fights the urge to sigh- Flynn was probably right. He normally is, especially about things like this. As much as Yuri likes to argue with Flynn on everything, his time can be used for better things than arguing about pointless things, like pulling Flynn closer and kissing him. Flynn laughs into his mouth, and Yuri will get him for that. Later, when Flynn isn't kissing him back, one of his hands gripping Yuri's hair.

Coming Aurnion first had been a good idea, but he wasn't ever going to tell the others that.
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