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never fade away
tengen toppa gurren lagann, kamina/yoko, 1689 words, pg

Five universes Kamina and Yoko never got to be adorable in.

i. the one where they're rockstars

The crowd's cellphone and camera lights are blinding.

It's a sight Yoko never gets tired of, seeing hundreds of kids dance to their songs, singing along with her words. Her heart feels so full, like it's going to burst at any second and even if she wanted to, she couldn't stop moving. Not far- Viral is the one who flails around the stage, spinning so fast that he's just a blur at the corner of her eye- because she sings and the mic doesn't move with her.

Sky Blue Days does have a solo though, and that's when she bounces over to Kamina. He makes a face at her from behind his kit and in retaliation she sticks her tongue out.

The crowd loses it, even though Yoko knows they can't see her face. They love it when she messes around with the boys though and Kamina is her favorite.

Yoko laughs and moves back to the microphone to finish singing. The last note rings out and Kamina's drum roll vibrates through her body.

Yoko laughs, delighted. “Teppelin City, thank you and good night!”

They exit, stage right, to the tune of deafening applause and Yoko can't stop grinning. She hands off her guitar to Rossiu, her tech. The second her hands are free, Kamina grabs her and lifts her off the ground.

Yoko laughs again and wraps her arms around him, ignoring everyone's gagging noises.

Whatever, they had been doing this for years, they'd get over it.

“Whatever,” Kamina says and Yoko grins, “You're just jealous.”

Yoko kisses his forehead. Kamina gropes her ass. It's the way they work. She waggles her eyebrows at him. “Bus lounge?”

“Not again you guys!” Simon protests, but Kamina's already moving away from them. The bus lounge it is then.

ii. the one where Yoko grew up in the same village

Kamina likes Yoko.

Well, not likes likes her, but she's a lot better than the other girls in Giha village, because she doesn't treat Simon like he's some kind of freak. Instead she's proud of him, ruffling his hair every time he comes back from digging.

“You did good, Simon,” Yoko says, smiling down at him.

Simon blushes and well, that's kind of unfortunate. The only person that doesn't know that Simon is in love with Yoko is Yoko. To be fair, the only person who doesn't know that Yoko thinks of Simon as a brother is Simon, so they were both a little stupid.

“Thanks Yoko,” Simon says. He finally sees Kamina behind her and grins. “I got something to show you guys. I think I found something.”

Kamina and Yoko share a look and Yoko grins. It was a smile that he's familiar with, the one she gives each time he drags her to try and escape, (not that he needs her, she's just a girl, but he knows Yoko wants to see the surface too) the one that says she knows this is a stupid plan, but she'll go along with it anyway.

“Show us then,” Yoko replies.

Okay, maybe Kamina likes likes her, but he's not telling.

iii. the one where they're classmates

Yoko tries to ignore Kamina, but he's making it hard.

He's looking over her shoulder, trying to copy her test. It's not the first time and she has a feeling it won't be the last. What pisses her off is the fact that their teacher never sees Kamina doing this, but the second Yoko whispers to tell him to leave her alone, she's the one in trouble.

Yoko can't say she's surprised though. Everyone loves Kamina, quarterback of the football team, their small town's only claim to fame. He's local legend, the best player they've had in years.

She hates football. And Kamina. The fact that Simon is his best friend is a fact that astonishes her daily.

His breath on her neck is getting annoying though. She's not sure how much more she can take. So when their teacher steps out to speak to the principal, she turns to face him, just another voice in the suddenly loud classroom. “My dad owns a shotgun. I am really good with it.”

He grins lazily, unfazed. “Is that so.”

“Yes,” she growls out, “So leave me alone.”

She turns back around, going back to her test. She answers the last few questions easily and quickly, and turns it over. The moment she does, he's tugging on her ponytail.

Yoko ignores him, but she can only do so for a second before pulling it out of his grip and throwing it around her shoulder, out of his reach.

Behind her, next to Kamina, she can hear Viral groan in annoyance. “Get a room.”

Yoko's not blushing. “Not if he was the last name in the universe.”

“I can arrange that, you know.”

Yoko turns to face him again and she's not sure what she was expecting, but the small, hopeful smile on his face wasn't it. She turns back around quickly, biting her bottom lip to keep from smiling. “I'll think about it.”

She pretends she doesn't hear his whispered 'yes'.

iv. the one where they're kind of in a fairytale. maybe

The princess isn't supposed to save herself.

Kamina says as much, when he's done gaping at the ruined and burning tower in front of him. At his side, Yoko sits on top of a horse, Nia behind her, the other woman's arms around her waist to keep from falling.

“Well, these princesses did,” Yoko says smugly.

“I didn't help a lot. Yoko did all the work,” Nia interrupts shyly.

“Oh hush. If you hadn't distracted the guards, we'd still be in there. Or fed to the dragon.”

“You killed the dragon too?” Simon asks, and it's nice to know that he's as incredulous as Kamina is.

That question makes both of the girls freeze.

So of course that's when he hears the roar. Yoko pulls on the reins of her horse and Kamina grabs Simon and pulls him out of the way. It's barely enough time to miss the line of fire the dragon spews out; Kamina can feel the heat even as he shields Simon from the worse of it.

He can hear the sound of a sword leaving it's sheath and he glances at Yoko, who is already jumping off the horse and advancing.

“Woman!” he cries out. There she goes, taking his glory again. She's the worst princess in the world.

“I didn't need anyone to free me, I'll finish this too,” she says without looking back.

Oh no. She isn't taking all the credit, not again. He takes out his own sword and follows her, ignoring Simon's calls. Kamina knows Simon, and knows that he won't leave Nia by herself, which is good. In case something comes while they leave.

He manages to catch up to Yoko quickly and while the dragon is hissing at her, he cuts off it's tongue.

The dragon roars in pain and he's expecting Yoko to give him one of his glares, the same one she's been giving him since he and Simon showed up..

So he's startled by the soft smile she gives him, brave and fierce. “Come on,” she says, “Let's finish this.”

v. the one where Kamina doesn't die

She wakes up to Kamina's face in her neck, nuzzling it gently. Yoko doesn't resist the urge to smile and lets it come over her, until her face hurts. “Morning.”

“Hey,” he replies. His hand moves under her shirt and of course it's cold. Jerk.

“I have a class today,” she reminds him, mostly because she can feel his grin against her skin, “I'm not doing anything but lesson plans.”

He sighs but kisses her neck anyway. “So boring. You used to be pretty exciting.”

“Well if you have complaints, you can move back to Kamina City.” She turns around as she says it, so Kamina can see that she's just kidding.

Yoko remembers how close to death he was- she doesn't want him gone. Besides, she had to all but fight Simon to take Kamina to Koreha Island; Simon hadn't wanted to let Kamina out of his sight either.

“Speaking of, we need to visit. Simon has been asking. So has Nia, and you can't say no to Nia.”

Yoko makes a face. “I can too.”

Kamina laughs. “This time you can't, we haven't seen them since before Simon proposed. This weekend?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Yoko replies. She lays back on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. She thinks about asking- do you ever think about getting married?- but she knows the answer. Kamina's not the sort to be tied down, not even by her. It doesn't bother her; he's here with her and that's enough.

His fingers touch her hair lightly and Yoko breathes easier. He's alive and it's enough.

“And then once they're married, and we aren't stealing anyone's thunder, you can make an honest man out of me.”

Yoko blinks. Out of all the things he could have said, Yoko wasn't expecting that. “Is that your way of asking me to marry you? Because it's totally like you to ask me without a ring.”

“Who said I don't have a ring?” Kamina says, and rolls so he's on his stomach, facing her. His arm goes around her waist, tugs her in close to him. “I've been thinking about it for the last year or so, but I had to find a good one.”

“Hm, I guess you can't be a Simon.”

Kamina pinches her stomach and Yoko twists and giggles. “That's not an answer, woman.”

Yoko bites her lip and rests her head on his chest. His heart is beating faster and she smiles. “It's a yes.”

“Smart answer.”

Yoko agrees. Not that she's ever going to tell him that.
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