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So I wrote a thing! That's new, haven't done that in a while. Original stuff in an (kind of) established universe, they are superheroes, they are in love and that's the important thing to know. I'm not totally happy with it, but for now, it works. I'm just trying to get back in the swing of writing, I guess. Done for [ profile] picfor1000.

love is a place
original, savanna/dianna, g, picture

Dianna stood in front of the door and tried to figure out why she was so nervous.

She had been coming over to Savannah’s house since she was six. She knew every room in that house as well as she knew her own home. She even had her own plate there and she had been calling Savannah’s dads ‘dad’ and ‘papa’ since she was a kid.

The Pierce’s home had been a safe haven for her. There was no reason to be freaking out.

“You’re freaking out,” Savannah said from behind her.

Dianna turned her head to glare at her girlfriend. Even just thinking the word made her want to smile but she wasn’t about to let Savannah know that. She would never let her live it down. “No I’m not.”

Savannah laughed and shook her head. “You can fight super villains but you can’t face my dads? They love you.”

“To be fair, you do most of the fighting.” Dianna tried not to think about that too much. She was a telepath and not a very good one- it was Savannah and her super strength that mostly saved the day. “And yeah, it was easy when I was your best friend. Not when I was your girlfriend.”

And that was her problem, she realized.

Savannah rolled her eyes. “Dianna. I’ve been in love with you since I was like, nine. There’s no way my dads don’t know. If anything, the only thing they’ll say is that it’s about time.”

“She’s right you know.”

Dianna jumped and spun around. She hadn’t heard the door open but Savannah’s younger sister was standing in the doorway, a grin on her face. “Amanda, don’t scare me like that.”

“Sorry,” Amanda said, but she was clearly anything but.

She opened the door for them to come in and shut it once all three of them were inside the house. She spared them a small smile before going back upstairs two steps at a time. Dianna watched her go, only looking back at Savannah when she felt her hand take hers.

Dianna laced their fingers together and feels some of her fear leave her. They’ll be all right, she knows. She just has to make it through dinner.

Liam Pierce had never really looked at her like this before. She knew that him and Ethan were used to their presence in their home but like she had told Savannah, that had been in a strictly best friend capacity. She she wasn’t used to being the girlfriend for someone she had already been friends with.

“Well, now you’re gonna have to keep your door open,” Liam finally said. It was directed at Savannah but he was smiling at Dianna.

“Dad!” Savannah snapped. Dianna wondered if she was blushing.

Ethan grinned and wrapped an arm around Dianna’s shoulders. “Also, thanks for making me a rich man. Well, not rich really-”

“It’s like twenty bucks,” Liam interrupted.

Dianna looked over at Savannah but it was clear that she had no idea either. “What?”

“Amanda thought you two wouldn’t get it together until you hit college. Your papa said in about eight years. I, on the other hand, didn’t raise an emotionally stunted child.”

Savannah shook her head but she was grinning. When she turned that smile on Dianna, Dianna knew that she was turning a little pink- Savannah’s smiles were like pure sunshine and even after ten years, Dianna didn’t think she would ever get used to it.

“Actually, Dianna was the one who made the first move,” Savannah admitted.

Yeah, Dianna was definitely blushing now. If the rest of the squad saw her now, they would never let her live it down.

Ethan laughed and let her go. “Come on kids. Savannah, go get your sister.”

Savannah looked at him, her entire being radiating suspicion but both of them knew a dismissal when they heard it. She nodded and went up the steps, leaving Dianna alone with her parents.



Ethan laughed. “Anyone else and we would have given them a big speech- the hurt my daughter and you’ll pay.”

Liam rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t have. For good or ill, Savannah’s making her own choices. If she can defeat a super villain, she can go out on a date. And for what it’s worth Dianna, I think she’s made a really good choice.”

Dianna smiled back, ignoring the fact that she was getting a little misty eyed. She wasn’t ruining her makeup, not even for them. “Thanks, Mr. Pierce.”

“Mr. Pierce? What happened to dad?” Liam asked, holding a hand over his heart. Dianna felt her grin widen, even as she heard the two pair of feet running down the steps.

Savannah looked between the three of them and grabbed Dianna’s hand. “Come on. Papa even got out that stupid monkey plate you like so much.”

“It has character,” Dianna protested.

“I think it’s sort of cute,” Amanda added, following them to the table.

“Traitor,” Savannah mumbled.

Dianna sat at the table, letting their banter wash over her. Savannah took her hand under the table, lacing their fingers together and knocking her knee against Dianna’s.

In the end Savannah was right but Dianna wasn’t going to tell her that.
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