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I was going to write a sequel to this, but it was taking too long and this was the only part of it I really liked. Mostly because ♥Susan♥

He wasn’t exactly looking for company. He's only a week (Earth standard) from saying goodbye to his former companions, from sending Rose off with his other self, from Donna.

He sees her though, sitting on a bench. He doesn’t recognize her, but she is familiar. Or her loneliness is- whoever the girl is, misery is coming off her in waves. He feels like he could reach out and touch it.

Instead, he just on the other end of the bench with her. She glances over, and for a second she's angry. Then she actually looks at him, and whatever she was going to say dies on her lips.

He offers his hand. It takes a minute (sixty six seconds, actually) but she takes it.


Later, he learns that her name is Susan Pevensie, and she just lost everyone she's ever loved. It's his loss on a smaller scale (he wonders if one day the loss of his people would ever hurt less) but his heart aches for her.

It's a bad idea. They'll end up growing too attached to each other. He asks her to join him anyway.


The first trip she takes with him, the rebellion crowns her as queen. The Doctor is unprepared for both the pain that flashes on her face and the way she takes to the job. She is graceful and kind but smart, the voice of reason and the brilliance behind war strategies.

"Long live Queen Susan the Magnificent!" someone cries, and the crowd takes up the chant.

Only he notices how stricken she becomes, the way her breath becomes shallow. He takes her hand and she holds on tight, as if he is her only anchor.


Susan Pevensie is shot on Titan. The TARDIS is too far away, and she is dying. He loves her, as he loves them all in the end.

She has been with him four years. (Earth standard. Nowhere near long enough.) Like he knew he would become, he is too attached to her, already crying for her.

"I'm all right, Doctor," she smiles, "I- we did good, didn't we?"

"We did," he agrees. No matter her reaction to the title on that first planet, she has really has been magnificent, and tells her so.

Susan smiles. "No- no, that was Peter."

Peter, her eldest brother. She long ago had told him about her family and Narnia, which she tried so hard to forget, to not believe in anymore.

"Maybe I'll see him again. And Lucy and Ed. I've missed them."

He knows she has. Hurt like that never goes away. "You will." He believes she will. This Aslan owes her that much.

Susan takes his hand. "Goodbye, Doctor."

He closes her eyes.
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