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playing writing catch-up. here's for the 6th and 7th.

sharing is caring (and caring is creepy)
tsubasa reservoir chronicle/magic knight rayearth crossover | kurogane and umi gen | g | 310 words
You have my mashin. )

absolutely love her (when she smiles)
xxxholic | himawari/watanuki | g | 150 words
3 personal canon facts for himawari kunogi )
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man, writing everyday is kind of like learning to walk again. maybe it will start to get good sometime soon. i hope. there's 300 plus words of sora/kairi/riku:
::: )
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200 words of Rose/Doctor, post JE. for [ profile] 100_women's #65-taste
:: )
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Anywhere With You
Doctor Who/One Tree Hill/xxxHolic/bandom(The Hush Sound)/Kingdom Hearts II/Firefly crossover | Doctor, Brooke, Watanuki, Greta, Axel, Zoe gen | G | 1,500 words
Five companions the Doctor never had.

Brooke doesn't know what it is, but she notices the man right when he walks into the store. )
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Place We Used To Love
Doctor Who/Firefly crossover | Rose gen (implied Rose/Jayne), Mal, Zoe | G | 300 words
Title stolen from Keane's Somewhere Only We Know. Set sometime after this, and during season 3 of Doctor Who.

Rose sees the Doctor exactly once, on some tiny moon she never remembers the name of. )
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The reoccurring kind
xxxHolic/Doctor Who crossover | Yuuko&Rose gen | G | 330 words
[ profile] 100_women's #1- Beginnings. Set before season 4 of Doctor Who

Yuuko has met Rose Tyler more than once. )
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Here's my fist (Where's the fight?)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles | Kurogane gen (Kurogane/Sakura) | PG | 850 words
Four things Kurogane doesn't regret and one he does.

Tomoyo is by his side right as his vision begins to blur. )
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So, I asked [ profile] athrill for a few Cardcaptor Sakura prompts. I wrote... none of them. /o\. Instead, there's this.

Like I'll never be the same
Cardcaptor Sakura | Tomoyo gen | G | 426 words
For [ profile] 100_women's #2- ends.

Tomoyo thought that she would love Sakura forever. )
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Heaven keep us apart
Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Buffy gen | g | 240 words
Done for [ profile] medie's "Because We're Awesome" Drabble-a-thon.

Buffy knows she's dreaming. )
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Buy You A Mockingbird
firefly | zoe | g | 110 words
This was going to be much different, and longer, but I got lazy.

Zoe knows it's silly, but sometimes she finds herself singing bits of songs to her baby. )
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five times kaylee said 'i love you'
firefly | kaylee centric | pg-13 | 559 words
warning for a possible lack of canon (i haven't watched in ages) and no capital letters. i got lazy. i just wanted to write kaylee, what can you do.

... )
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So, I was going to do this meme- put your songs on shuffle, write something for the first ten songs. I had gotten about halfway through it when I realized I hated everything except the first one. I might try it again, with something other than Firefly, but for now, here's the one I did like.

reaching for the stars with you
firefly | mal gen | g | 131 words
Mal's had many conversations with strangers, and most of them he forgot about the moment that they parted ways. )
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Fic that no one else but me will care about! But that's okay, I really just needed something to post today.

friendship that no one else could touch
fall out boy | pete/patrick | g | 587 words
this is just fluff. no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but it made me feel better.

Patrick had kissed his temple, and had closed his eyes. )
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A Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children drabble that was written a long time ago .Untitled Tifa/Loz, pg, 114 words, set during their fight scene.

Read more... )
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these were posted in [ profile] wingsofcharity's lj, but i'm posting them here for my own sake. and i abuse fall out boy lyrics for titles, but meh, what can you do. none of these are very good, but i am just happy to be writing again that i really don't care.

bullet-proof loneliness (at best)
magic knight rayearth | fuu, hikaru, umi | 132 words
It's not a shock when Fuu is the first one to decide to stay in Cephiro permanently. )

like i'll never be the same
panic! at the disco | jon/spencer | 201 words
i hate writing in fandoms i've never written in before.
Spencer didn't do anything expect grunt when a solid weight landed on his back. )

not a side effect of the cocaine
buffy the vampire slayer | buffy/faith | 196 words
Faith is used to seeing weird shit. )
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Believe That I Tried To Beat This
Disney (Aladdin)
Jasmine/Jafar; PG-13
930 words

It's up to her now. )
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all the flowers are dead
g, 107 words
harry potter- blaise/pansy

There was no one left to see it. )
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well versed in etiquette
pg, 550 words
kingdom hearts- jasmine, belle, kairi, sora/riku/kairi

She had no use for prim and proper. )
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pg, 108 words
harry potter- ginny/harry
this is one of those pairings i read and never write. um, i might take this down later, but right now, i am too tired to care.

She hated the fact that she was just waiting. )
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love you until the end
pg, 100 words
harry potter- harry/ron/hermione

The fact that all three of them survived surprised them. )


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