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Place We Used To Love
Doctor Who/Firefly crossover | Rose gen (implied Rose/Jayne), Mal, Zoe | G | 300 words
Title stolen from Keane's Somewhere Only We Know. Set sometime after this, and during season 3 of Doctor Who.

Rose sees the Doctor exactly once, on some tiny moon she never remembers the name of. She wishes that she did.

He doesn't see her, of course- too far away, and he's not looking in her direction. Instead, he's looking down at his companion, smiling, his hands moving wildly. He's explaining something to her, and that's so familiar it's suddenly painful.

God, she's missed him. She's taken a step towards him when she catches the look on his companion's face. That is also familiar- this girl, whoever she is, is painfully in love with the Doctor, whether they know it or not. Then she thinks about Jayne, who she doesn't love, but he's her friend, and he's helped give her a home.

Maybe she doesn't belong with the Doctor, anymore. The thought echoes in her mind, and for a second, she feels like she stops breathing. Doesn't stop it from being true.

"Rose? You got all the parts?"

Rose turns her head and smiles. Mal and Zoe are standing right behind her. If she didn’t' know them as well as she does, she would have missed the concern on both their faces. "Just about. Why, is Jayne finally done whoring around?"

Zoe rolls her eyes, and Rose knows that's a no. "You are far too easy on him, Rose."

"One of us has to be," she says. Mal laughs, and wraps an arm around her shoulder. She rests her head on his shoulder for a second- she knows that he can tell that something is wrong.

"Come on. Let's find that part for Kaylee- our luck, it'll be the exact piece that she needs."

Rose looks back- she tries not to now, but it's the Doctor. She feels like she has to. He's gone, like she knew he would be.


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