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Anywhere With You
Doctor Who/One Tree Hill/xxxHolic/bandom(The Hush Sound)/Kingdom Hearts II/Firefly crossover | Doctor, Brooke, Watanuki, Greta, Axel, Zoe gen | G | 1,500 words
Five companions the Doctor never had.

Brooke Davis

Brooke doesn't know what it is, but she notices the man right when he walks into the store.

At first, she thinks that it's the suit- brown pinstripe, which would usually have go 'oh honey, no,' but he pulls it off. It's shallow of her, but she's at work, so she has fashion on the brain right now, so it's understandable. It's not the suit though.

It's his eyes. Wide and brown, and far more troubled than Lucas Scott's could ever hope to be.

Brooke sets the dress she was folding down, making her way over to him. "Can I help you sir?"

He plasters a smile on his face, and it's painfully fake. Brooke kind of wants to hug him. "Ah, yes! Are you Brooke Davis?"

"Yeah. Is there something you needed?"

"Actually, yes. I need you to come with me."

Normally, the alarm bells would be going off in her head by now, telling her to get far away from him. Something about him compels her to take his outstretched hand though. If her mother saw her even thinking about it, Victoria would kill her. Maybe it's that thought that makes her take it.

Or maybe it's the thing that just crashed through the window.

The point is, she takes it.


She doesn't even think about it when he drags her into the blue box. The alien- that's what he had said it was, anyway, and she was inclined to believe him- is right behind them, pounding on the door.

"It's bigger on the inside," she says, and instantly wishes she hadn't. Because, duh?

He smiles though, amused. Brooke takes a deep breath because- aliens? Strange men who introduce themselves as the Doctor? A big blue box that was bigger on the inside?

She was Brooke Davis. She could handle this.

"So, how do we stop that alien from destroying the rest of Tree Hill?" she asks. His eyes widen, as if he's surprised, but then he's grinning.

It's different than the one from before. It's blinding, and Brooke finds herself smiling back. Correction- She and the Doctor could handle this, easy.

Watanuki Kimihiro

Watanuki runs faster than any companion he's ever had, yet still manages to never leave anyone behind.

He asks him about it once, and Watanuki smiles, even though it's a little bitter. "Practice," is all he answers.

Watanuki is one of his more enigmatic companions, as well.


On Earth, Watanuki is always restless. It doesn't matter what time period, or if everything is (mostly) safe. He's jittery, prone to looking over his shoulder. The Doctor almost asks about it once, but the guarded look in Watanuki eyes made the question die in his throat.

After all, he doesn't tell Watanuki everything either.


Watanuki doesn't stay long, but the Doctor hadn't thought he would.

They end up in Japan, in front of a house. A woman is standing there, a soft smile on her face.

"Thank you, Doctor, for taking care of my Watanuki."

"Hey! I'm not your Watanuki," he protests, a frown on his face. The woman just grins at him. There's many things she's not saying, but she's genuinely happy to see Watanuki. The Doctor wonders if he notices.

It's been a long time since he's had anyone to go back to.

"Dinner time, Watanuki. Doumeki is hungry as well."

"What's that jerk doing here?" Watanuki shouts, and the Doctor grins too. The woman is already walking back into the store.

"Well," the Doctor says.

"Can you see it? The building, I mean?" Watanuki asks, suddenly serious.

"Yeah, I can."

"You have a wish, then. Do you want me to get Yuuko again?"

The Doctor's mind suddenly flashes to Rose. To Jack and Martha, to Sarah Jane and every one before them, after them. To Watanuki, another person that he's grown to love leaving him behind. He wants to not ever be alone again, to have everyone he's ever loved back.

He wants his home, his people. And he can wish all he wants, but he knows how these things go. Equal exchange- the price would be beyond what he was willing to pay.

"No. Wishes and fishes, and all that. You know there's actually a planet where fishes are wishes?"

Watanuki grins. "Really?"

"Yeah, meant to take you there once, you probably would have liked it," the Doctor says.

"Yeah. So- goodbye, then?"

"Take care of yourself, Kimihiro."

Watanuki smiles, before he turns and goes back into the house, back to whatever is waiting for him.

He hopes it's something good.

Greta Salpeter

He takes her to a planet where everyone communicates in song. It gives him a bit of a headache (some of these people shouldn't open their mouths at all), but it's worth it to see the smile on her face and they way that her eyes light up.

He doesn't do it, of course, but she does. Her sentences form melodies that he knows she's saving in the back of her mind, for when she's back on the TARDIS and can write them down later.

When he takes her to the music room in the TARDIS later that day, her smile is soft. She sits at the piano and plays the songs for him, her voice strong and clear.


Greta is a magnet for trouble.

She's not ever rude, not until the moment they have weapons pointed at them, or are being handcuffed or thrown into a cell. It always makes their predicament worse.

"Sorry," she grins, "But it's your fault for taking me to a patriarchal planet in the first place."

"Well, if you hadn't called him a fat pig, we would have just been here overnight, and not sentenced to execution in, oh, two hours," the Doctor protests.

"Like I'm ever going to shut up. The day I do is… well, when you finally stop talking," she says. "So, how are we getting out of here?"


The last thing she says to him is, "Medicine man, dance me across the sky."

She laughs after she says it, and he wonders if it's supposed to mean something.


If Jack is a fixed point in time, then Axel just exudes empty space. Among other things. A pyromaniac, which is actually more worrying than the empty space thing.

He's always worried that Axel is going to set fire to the console.

"You know, if I do, you could get rid of me. No one would miss me." Even as he says it, Axel grimaces- it's obvious he's heard those words before, and hated them then as much as he does now.

"Help us all, but I would."

Axel smirks and rolls his eyes, but it was the right thing to say.


They end up on Destiny Islands completely by accident. The Doctor had been aiming for Rome, 2099. He steps out, and blinks at how bright the sunlight is.

"Let me guess. Not Rome?" Axel asks his. He looks around, but there's nothing to see but palm trees, sand, and blue water.


The Doctor looks at Axel, but Axel isn't looking at him. The Doctor follows his gaze. There's three people in the distance- a girl and two boys. They're laughing, even though the taller of the boys looks long suffering. He only has eyes for the two of them, but Axel is only looking at the brunette boy.

"Axel?" he begins. "Friends of yours?"

"Nah, not really. Waiting until the next life. If we get one, that is. You believe in second chances, Doc?"

The Doctor looks at the three kids- the girl jumps on the silver haired kid's back. They're still laughing, just three kids having fun. Nothing special visible on the surface, but they mean something to Axel. "Sometimes. Not so sure if I ever deserve one though."

Axel laughs, but there's no real humor to it. "Yeah, me either."

Zoe Washburne

Zoe doesn't care that he doesn't like guns. The first time he mentioned it to her, she just raised an eyebrow- a gesture that would become familiar to him, later- and said, "Folks inclined to shoot me, Doctor. I ain't going anywhere unarmed just because you're uncomfortable with it."

Fair enough.


Zoe's a good companion to have, guns aside. She's a silent wall of support when he gets into trouble- he's seen aliens three times her size back up when she just stares at them.

She never makes him talk when he doesn't want to, but she's always there with a cup of tea (coffee for her, and she's still getting used to the taste of real coffee, not what they had on Serenity) at the table, willing to listen.

She talks, sometimes. She talks about Wash and the child she had wanted- even with the life of crime they led. She talks of how crew was an unconventional family. There was love.

She misses it, but so does he.

Date: 2008-08-01 01:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hello thar, I think you just put me in my grave. This is so perfect on all levels, and and and asdhjkehfidhnkds, yeah. Wow.

Date: 2008-08-01 07:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
:D:D Thank you!

Date: 2009-05-23 08:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't quite know how I stumbled upon this, but boy am I glad I did. Each of the little snippets were absolutely gorgeous, and I think my heart broke a little by the end.

p.s. sorry for the late comment, but it was too good not to respond! |D

Date: 2009-05-23 10:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Late comments are always welcome! I am glad you enjoyed it :)


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