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for the 11th and 12th.

prettier and younger (but not any better off)
my chemical romance | bob/frank | g | 130 words
based off this icon.

Bob's half asleep on the couch when Frank makes his way make onto the bus, giggling the entire time. He buries his face into the pillow and wonders if he just keeps still and silent, maybe Frank will just pass him by and not bother him. He knows Frank though, so he's just counting down the seconds until Frank jumps on him and starts demanding his attention.

It only takes two. He grunts when Frank lies on top of him. He pushes Bob's chin up with his head, and squirms around before he finally decides that he's comfortable.

He surprises Bob by being quiet though, and once he's situated, he keeps still. Bob isn't going to push his luck by asking what's wrong, or why- instead, he closes his eyes.

in anyone but you
justice league unlimited | lois/clark, lois/lex | g | 150 words

1. Even though everyone constantly speculates about Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship, Lois has never been bothered about it. He asks her about just once, and she had joked that she was more worried about the rumors about him and Batman. (She's not worried about those either. She knows that Clark loves her.)

2. She's kissed Lex Luthor just once- when they thought that Clark was dead- drunk in the back of his limo. She had been crying the entire time, so it wasn't really a good one, but he had just pulled back and dried her tears with his thumb. Lois remembers. Lex doesn't.

3. She would hate the fact that Clark is a superhero if she didn't know how much it meant to him, that it means almost everything to him. She knows that if she asked him to, he would quit. She wouldn't do it.

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Adorable please.

Bbfi makes my day.


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