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so, apparently not being home is good for writing. i thought that this might be the case. this is bandom, and has no redeeming qualities. it's just sleepy fluff.

gonna be a good night
bandom (the hush sound, fall out boy, panic at the disco) | patrick/brendon/greta | g | 400 words

If she could, Greta would spend all day like this.

"Somehow, I don't think you'd make any music like this," Brendon says, grinning brightly. From his other side, Patrick snorts. Greta hadn't known he was awake.

She sits up a little, and he's facing her. "Morning," she says, smiling. She and Brendon are fairly sure that it's impossible to not smile at Patrick Stump, and whoever doesn't is lacking a soul.

However, the two of them are a little biased.

"Morning," he repeats. He reaches over Brendon to clumsily pat her hip. "You didn't make any progress yesterday. We're distractions."

"Inspirations," Brendon corrects.

"He's right. I write all my songs about you two," she jokes. Brendon tugs on her hair.

"I've seen your lyrics, Salpeter. That's not always a good thing," Patrick tells her, and Brendon laughs. Patrick mumbles something else, and Brendon laughs again, bright and happy.

"Stop talking about me," she says, moving in closer to Brendon. He wraps an arm around her waist, pulls her in.

"Nothing but good things, lady love," he assures her. Greta doesn't doubt it.

"Always," Patrick agrees, "Anyway, back to my original point."

She and Brendon share a smile. Patrick was right- they all were distractions.

"My point was that she wouldn't be doing anything anyway. Call in sick, or something."

"Maybe he's the one sick," Brendon whispers, "Since when does he not want people in the studio?"

"Maybe we should call the doctor," Greta replies back, her voice just as low.

"Maybe he should leave," Patrick says. Even though he doesn't move, Greta's hand moves out to grab his.

"No. Once the Wentzes get you, we'll never see you again," Brendon says. It's exactly what Greta was thinking.

"They are our biggest enemies. We all can't have a Patrick," Greta informs them.

"I'm pretty sure that Pete actually has first dibs," Patrick says.

"Greta can beat them up. She's scarier than Ashlee," Brendon mutters. He's already falling back asleep, like Greta knew he would. She kisses his forehead.

"If they're trying to take our Patrick away, I'd beat up the entire world," she promises.

"Good to know," Patrick says, but it sounds honest and sincere. Greta is pretty sure that he means it. She is also pretty sure that loves them both.

She closes her eyes, and Patrick's hand rests heavily on her hip. The sleeping in plan sounds just fine.


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