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Place We Used To Love
Doctor Who/Firefly crossover | Rose gen (implied Rose/Jayne), Mal, Zoe | G | 300 words
Title stolen from Keane's Somewhere Only We Know. Set sometime after this, and during season 3 of Doctor Who.

Rose sees the Doctor exactly once, on some tiny moon she never remembers the name of. )
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So, I was going to do this meme- put your songs on shuffle, write something for the first ten songs. I had gotten about halfway through it when I realized I hated everything except the first one. I might try it again, with something other than Firefly, but for now, here's the one I did like.

reaching for the stars with you
firefly | mal gen | g | 131 words
Mal's had many conversations with strangers, and most of them he forgot about the moment that they parted ways. )
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the only moment we were alone
pg, 200 words
firefly- mal/kaylee
for [ profile] 100_women's #97- writer's choice (sleep). title from explosions in the sky. why i don't have either a mal or kaylee icon is beyond me.

Doc ain't taking care of you? )
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an untitled firefly drabble for[ profile] britfacexx, that was supposed to have the entire crew, but only ended up with mal and kaylee. not what i had hoped in general, but it's been awhile since i've written firefly, and it shows a lot. um, sorry. g, 277 words.

:: )
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Just For One Day
G, 203 words
Firefly- Zoe/Mal. Okay, really, it's more of Zoe and Mal, because I can't seem to write them any other way.
For [ profile] britfacexx, who asked for Zoe/Mal, 'big damn heroes', post Serenity. Um. My favorite characters are always really hard to write, so there are a lot of flaws in this. Title stolen from 'Heroes'.

Big damn heroes )
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firefly drabble, for my [ profile] getaway_machine and me, cause this is my other otp. mal/kaylee, 298 words. pg, cause hello, i'm at school. mostly written cause kaylee is demanding a voice in my head now. will most likely be taken down to rewrite when i get home, but for the moment, it is what it is.

no title for the moment )


Nov. 16th, 2005 09:02 pm
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firefly drabble. mal/river/jayne, of sorts. pg-13ish, and for meagan. 390 words. this sucks a lot, but then again, i can't write them very well. title is from a bowie song.

the pretty things are going to hell )


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