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So I said I was writing Percy Jackson for [ profile] picfor1000 but I lied? Instead here is fic about a video game no one cares about. Also, it's pretty obvious that I haven't written fic in a while.

get a little warm in my heart (when i think of winter)
suikoden tierkreis, asad (and the blades), pg, 1000 words, picture

The first winter in Pharamond is the worst. )
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This isn't so much personal canon as it is something else now, but that's what it started out as.

where the sea meets the land
kingdom hearts, riku/kairi (sora/kairi, blink and you miss it sora/kairi/rikui), 408 words, pg

3 personal canon facts about Riku/Kairi.

... )
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never fade away
tengen toppa gurren lagann, kamina/yoko, 1689 words, pg

Five universes Kamina and Yoko never got to be adorable in.

... )
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films about ghosts
tengen toppa gurren lagann, yoko&simon, yoko/kittan, yoko/kamina, g, 336 words

She misses Simon's rambling messages.

... )
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a leap begins
suikoden tierkreis, asad/chrodechild, 840 words, pg
for the drunken confessions of love on my schmoop bingo card. i'm not sure if i like it, but i got tired of looking at it.

“You look beautiful, your Majesty,” Asad says. )
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never felt like any blessing
final fantasy iv, rosa&kain (kain->rosa, kain->cecil/rosa, cecil/rosa), 1000 words, g

Rosa cannot sleep. )
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I finished fic! Not much, but I haven't really finished anything lately, so.

first day of a new life
tales of vesperia, flynn/yuri, 982 words, pg

They go back to Aurnion, after they've saved the world. )
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years since it's been here
sora's mom, sora/kairi/riku, 600 words, pg
for the kitchen disaster square on my schmoop bingo card

The loud crash from downstairs has her up and on her feet before she's even thought about it. )
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Miracle That Never Came
Suikoden Tierkreis | Sieg, Jale, Liu, Marica | G | ~400 words

Jale comes in uninvited. )
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So, Suikoden Tierkreis has eaten my brain. Done for 12in2010@dw

We Go Down Together
Suikoden Tierkreis | Marica (and Sieg, Jale, and Liu | G | 440 words
It's not that Marica doesn't like the other Starbearers. )
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I had a post about how I hate everyone (but kind of mostly my family) but whatever, I am trying to dwell on things less, be a happier person. A work in progress, but I think I might get there. Instead, there's from that drabble meme, but apparently to me 100 words=500, who knew.

All I Need
Kingdom Hearts II | Sora/Kairi/Riku | G | 500 words

Sometimes, Riku just likes to watch them. )
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So if I'm not writing, I'm playing Tales of Vesperia. The two go together in this. Just a gen piece on Estelle, about 162 words, put here for my own sake. For [ profile] 100_women, choices.

Yuri is unlike anyone she's met at the castle. )
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I finished replaying KH for what seems like the millionth time, so of course I wrote fic.

You Who Are My Home
Kingdom Hearts II | Sora/Kairi/Riku | 1,225 words | PG

Five times Riku didn't realize he loved Sora and Kairi, and the one time he did. )
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so, apparently not being home is good for writing. i thought that this might be the case. this is bandom, and has no redeeming qualities. it's just sleepy fluff.

gonna be a good night
bandom (the hush sound, fall out boy, panic at the disco) | patrick/brendon/greta | g | 400 words
If she could, Greta would spend all day like this. )
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we are in a hotel in jacksonville, florida. so far my family has argued, and we had a tornado warning. fun times! i don't know, they are being all right now, but i have little to no tolerance for the kids right now. also, fic time! there's a million susan fics post the last battle, but i wanted to do one. cause. &susan; with apologies to bright eyes:

i have no faith (but it's all i want to be loved)
chronicles of narnia | susan pevensie | g | 466 words

When Susan's family dies, she sheds no tears. )
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for the 11th and 12th.

prettier and younger (but not any better off)
my chemical romance | bob/frank | g | 130 words
based off this icon.
Bob's half asleep on the couch... )

in anyone but you
justice league unlimited | lois/clark, lois/lex | g | 150 words
3 personal canon facts: lois lane )
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for the 9th and the 10th.

no end and no beginning
kingdom hearts | riku(/kairi/sora) | g | 182 words
3 personal canon facts: riku )

well respected man
xxxholic | doumeki/watanuki | g | 107 words
3 personal canon facts: shizuka doumeki )
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for the 8th. now i will probably be :(:( the rest of the day re: fob's album being delayed (and i feel like this is an again, cause i'm fairly sure ioh was pushed back too) and :):) over my otp.(pete/patrick i love you best.)

rise up singing
one tree hill | brooke davis | g | 140 words
3 personal canon facts: brooke davis. )


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